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'''Samuel A'Court Ashe''' (September 13, 1840 – 1938) was a Confederate States Army|Confederate infantry Captain (land and air)|captain in the American Civil War and celebrated editor, historian, and North Carolina legislator. Prior to his death in 1938, he was the last surviving Officer (armed forces)|commissioned officer of the Confederate States Army. Samuel's father, William Shepperd Ashe (1814–1862), served in the North Carolina state senate and United States United States Congress|Congressman. The United Confederate Veterans conferred the title of Brigadier general (United States)|Brigadier General upon Samuel A. Ashe in 1936 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ashe is also noted for his booklet on the war titled ''A Southern View of the Invasion of the Southern States and War of 1861-65.'' File:Samuel A'Court Ashe Monument.jpg|thumb|Samuel A'Court Ashe Memorial in Raleigh, NC Born in...
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